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Hey Everyone,

I mentioned in a previous blog post some of the coping strategies that I utilise in my everyday life to survive. I highlighted that Music was one of them and so I thought I would share 5 songs that I have loved for a really long time. I also thought I would add a new favourite song to the mix so make it 6 songs in total on my playlist.

Wildfire – Housefires ft Kirby Kaple

New to my playlist 🎧

This is a new song and has been on repeat for the past few months. It is so beautiful and has really resonated with where I am at in my life. I remember when I first heard this song playing through Spotify on the worship now playlist. I loved it from the very first verse and added it to my own playlist straight away. I do feel as though when I listen to this song it renews my mind to focus on God’s love!

Even when it hurts – Hillsong United

My 2015 Anthem 🙌

This song was released in 2015 which was a challenging year for me. My grandmother passed away, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I experienced my first miscarriage. This song truly ministered to me during a season of hurt and pain. As tears streamed down my face, this song was part of my grief and loss journey of healing that I needed to experience as I cried out to God!

Silhouettes – Cass

Favourite Car Song 🚘

I would say it has been my favourite song that I love listening to almost every day in the car for the past 2 years. It is an up-tempo song with a good beat so it is easy to listen to. My son actually asked the other day if it was my favourite song because we always listen to it in the car. My daughter likes the beat of the song and dances in her car seat which makes me smile.

Carry Me – WYLS feat Jake James, Montell Fish

Motherhood Mood Changer 👊

I feel as though this song is my motherhood anthem! As a stay at home mother of two young children, this song has seriously helped me on days when motherhood has been draining the love tank. This is another song I first heard on Spotify and it has surprised me with how much it has lifted my mood. I think this song just resonates with me so well because I just need God to carry me through the day/ all day and every day!

I’ll give thanks – Housefires feat Kirby Kaple

2020 Anthem 🙏

Speaking of anthems, this song was my 2020 anthem and was played on repeat throughout my house. I needed to sing this song because the pandemic was a tough season and along with a newborn was rough! I would highly recommend listening to it and you will see how powerful this song is to your spirit. It automatically humbles you to always give thanks no matter what!

Prince of Peace – Hillsong

My favourite version 🙌

This song is my all-time favourite for so many reasons. The main reason is every single time I listen and sing this song I experience peace. This song is so uplifting. My favourite lyrics are:

Your love surrounds me, When my thoughts wage war, When night screams terror, There Your voice will roar, Come death or shadow, God I know Your light will meet me there

I hope that all these songs encourage you or at least one of the songs ministers to you in a way that you experience the supernatural love of Jesus.

Love G x

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