Gratitude Post #4

Hey Everyone,

My Sweet & Sassy!

It is time for another camera roll gratitude post! I feel as though writing out this post helps me to reflect on what I value most here on earth. I find this activity is good for me to practice gratitude and keeps me grounded.

I took this photo because my Mother dearest texted me asking how were my children? I wanted to capture this moment of my little boy and baby girl by the pool. This photo highlighted a few moments that I wanted to share with you all.

Firstly, I am grateful for a spontaneous weekend away on the coast which is something Almond and I have never done. We usually plan and prepare for a weekend away months in advance. We booked this apartment 2 hours before checking in and got a half-price deal which was a financial blessing!

2) My little boy can swim and I got to watch him swim confidently with a massive smile on his face which was a really exciting milestone for him.

3) My sweet boy always taking care of his sassy little sister melts my heart because he knows she is not confident in the pool. (He was hugging her and kissing her trying to encourage her to get in the pool but she clearly wasn’t interested) Haha

4) It was an amazing day, the weather was perfect and there was a beautiful beach across the road. My children loved it and were fascinated with the spa bubbles which my son kept pressing the button to see them bubbling away.

5) Overall, I am most thankful to God for his provision, protection and peace because without it we would not be able to go away for the weekend. Almond and I had enjoyed a relaxing weekend away with our babies which was truly a blessing!

Love G x


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