DIY: Coffee Jars to Christmas Gift

Hey Everyone,

My favourite Instant Coffee!

I thought I would share a little festive DIY project with you all. I recently had my pre-Christmas dinner with my family. I am part of a large family and we normally do a secret Santa type of system because there is so many of us. I also have 15 nieces and nephews and I normally give them some form of lolly/chocolate treat. This year Almond suggested we recycle my coffee jars which I thought was a really good idea.

This is the instant coffee that I enjoy at home and always purchase on sale because it is normally expensive. I collected the jars throughout the year to use them. I clean the jars by taking the stickers off and putting them in the dishwasher. I let them dry out for a few hours before putting anything in them.

Prep Time!

Choose your filling which I think is the most fun part of this DIY. This year I am made my version of a candy cane with and a chocolate/lollipop surprise inside. I bought everything in bulk to save money and bought from my local factory outlet for example a box of 24 x Malteaser bars were only $15 and a bag of 25 x Chupa Chups was $3.50.

Strawberry Clouds, Watermelon Clouds and Mentos.
Inside: I put a Malteser bar and 2 x lollipops in the middle of the clouds and mentos.

The next part is decorating and I think you can be as creative as you want with your jars. I put Merry Christmas ribbon around the top of the jar using double-sided tape. I also put on a gift tag at the front of the jar which said Merry Christmas too. These were both cost-effective options with both costing $2 for a pack of 24 tags and $2 for 5m of ribbon.

My Simple Decorations!
Personalised Name Tags

The final step. I added was my family members names on them. Instead of writing their names, I made name tags by photoshopping their faces on a Christmas tree costume. I thought it would be a little joke and they would have a laugh when they saw it.

(I put a star sticker over the face of my loved ones out of respect for their privacy)

The Final Product!

Hope you enjoyed my DIY Christmas craft edition which has been courtesy of my beloved coffee jars! Merry Christmas Everyone and remember Jesus is the ultimate reason for this beautiful season!

Love G x


2 thoughts on “DIY: Coffee Jars to Christmas Gift

  1. Very cute idea! I did something similar with chocolates, but these are so colored and lively 😉
    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 🙂

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