21 Blessings from 2021!

Hey Everyone,

As the year draws to an end I wanted to share 21 blessings to highlight what I am most thankful for this year.

My Favourite Almond 😍

1. Almond* – he is my best friend, husband and the greatest desire of my heart!

2. My Big Boy – My sweet boy who is a reminder of Gods love in my life.

3. My Baby Girl – My sassy little girl who is a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

4. Lifelong friends – The OG’s who have walked alongside and encouraged me for several years.

5. New friends – This year I have made new amazing friends and felt like I have known them for a lifetime.

6. My Rowing machine – Has been the best new thing for me and my knees this year!

Rowing in my lounge room 🚣🏾‍♀️

7. Church – Best bunch of people who have been so warm and friendly.

8. Family – especially my parents have been the ultimate support network! My Mum has been an MVP!

9. Gym – It has been a place that I have appreciated this year.

10. My blog – It has been a really enjoyable and creative outlet.

11. My Pool – Backyard swims bring so much fun and joy to my family.

My Big boy & Baby Girl ❤️

12. Mothers group – It has been the greatest support of women doing motherhood together.

13. My Health – I have a profound appreciation for what my body can do as I get older with age.

14. Chocolate Almonds – The cadbury old gold and whittakers almond slab are hands down my favourites!

15. Spotify – the greatest source of encouragement while rowing, training in the gym, driving in the car and playing around the house.

Studying at my local library

16. My Computer – the best tool to help make life easier and organised.

17. Coffee – The best medicine in a cup that I love to drink daily!

18. University – The Support has been incredible this year with my studies.

19. Daycare – It has been a blessing and helped me so much with motherhood!

20. My Home – my safe space where I feel the most comfortable and relaxed.

21. My Faith – The greatest relationship in my life is with Jesus and without him in my life I am absolutely nothing and would not be alive today.

Let me know what some of your blessings are from this past year.

Love G x


One thought on “21 Blessings from 2021!

  1. Meeting you!!
    Moving into our new home.
    Happy kids through so much sickness.
    Deeper connection with my husband.
    Daycare so close to home.
    Family that lives close to us, and offers/loves to help.
    Etc, etc!! Once you get started it’s almost hard to stop. God is so, so good!!

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