My 22 for 2022!

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would share my to-do list that I am hoping to complete by the end of this year. I feel as though sharing these 22 goals will keep me accountable in a way that I will be able to reflect on them at the end of the year.

1. Finish the entire Bible – My friend sent me a cool Bible plan on the Bible you version app. So far it has not been an ideal start, I am behind already and need to catch up!

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2. Family devotions – Twice a week with my family is the goal. We have only been doing it once a week and sometimes none.

3. Toilet Train My baby Girl – She will be 2 this year so I hoping it will work out by the end of the year.

4. Stop breastfeeding – My daughter loves nighttime feeds but I would like to completely finish.

5. Top 5 at Worlds – I would like to do a personal best and aim for a top 5 finish.

6. Row half Marathon – I have been rowing 10km and think half a marathon would be a good challenge.

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7. Complete placement – 500 hours left till I am qualified and finally graduate from University which has been a journey.

8. Share my blog – This year I would like to share my blog openly with family and friends. I don’t know how and what that looks like at the moment.

9. Healthier Bodyweight Percentage – I would like to sort my body composition out by embracing my muscles and losing body fat with better nutrition choices and training.

10. Holiday – I would like to go for a week somewhere with my family.

11. Night away with Almond – It will be the first time away from our children in 2 years.

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12. Family plan – Organise rooms in the house and decide if we will have baby number 3 or not.

13. Socialise weekly – I need to go out in the community and connect because I do like to stay in a bubble.

14. Build on boundaries – Continue to navigate the balance of speaking up when I often stay silent.

15. Finalise schooling – My son will start school next year so I would like to sort it out.

16. Invite more people to church – Be bold with Friends, Family and Neighbours.

17. Relationships – Send a text every day to someone in my life to see how they are going.

18. Blog – I would like to post consistently like fortnightly or a minimum once a month.

19. Analyse less- To not unpack everything I experience and not overthink every situation.

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20. Cook more – I would like to cook three times a week because I am terrible at it and need to improve my culinary skills.

21. Time management – I would like to sort out weekly schedules in advance to help my family and be more organised.

22. Pray more! 101 need to do this and a goal I need to commit to instead of letting it out elsewhere aka my husband Almond! I know it is important to pray it out first with God!

Please let me know what some of your goals are for this year? I hope and pray you all to have an incredible year!

Love G x


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