Gratitude Post #5

Hi Everyone,

It is definitely time for another gratitude post. I think I need to continually practice it so that I focus on my blessings instead of burdens in my life. I think my gratitude posts will be more regular on my blog because I know it is a good mental exercise for me to do when I am feeling flat. This photo was taken a few weeks ago, my little boy loved it at the beach and my baby girl didn’t like it.

1) I am really grateful that I got to spend the day at the beach with my three favourite humans.

2) It was a beautiful day and swimming in the ocean was really refreshing it was something I had not done in a while.

3) We built sandcastles it was really fun and my little girl was a wrecking ball knocking over every sandcastle.

4) It was not overly busy on the beach that day which was a bonus so it was nice and relaxing.

5) Overall, I was just so thankful for the family day out because before this beach day we were in isolation for 2 weeks because we were recovering from covid and were also close contacts.

I hope you are all doing well and hope to hear this camera roll gratitude exercise can help you too!

Love G x


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