Thoughts & things #1

Hi Everyone,

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I thought I would add another series ( gratitude camera posts and journey with Jesus journals ) to my blog it is basically short posts of my random thoughts & things.

I have had to make some life-changing decisions in the past 2 months that have required a transitioning stage for myself and my little family. It is definitely been a process of sitting in the uncomfortable and something that I do not think I have managed well. I have been stressed and emotionally eating which has impacted both my physical and mental health. It has been an unhealthy cycle that I have been riding for too long.

I am slowly getting back into the swing of things by finding my feet with my new normal which is often hard when things are all over the place. I have been listening to a song called compass by Dru Bex on Spotify which has really encouraged me to seek God’s love which will help me find my way. It has been the song I have listened to the most for the past month and it improves my mood every time. It is hard when the stress levels are high, my mood is low and the negative thoughts permeate but that is why God’s word says to renew my mind which I need to demonstrate daily. Although I am a little flat today I am choosing to post this because the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Love G x


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