Thoughts & things #2

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well, I wanted to share another T&T with what has been consuming my thoughts lately…


(Values are basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions)

I find this a really interesting topic and I think it is mainly because I have dedicated the past decade of my life to learning about a values-based profession.

I recently experienced a family conflict where I was 110% convinced a family member did not respect a value of mine. On the other hand, they were 110% convinced they do respect my value and we both had a rationale to support our perceptions.

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It is such a weird concept because we could have opposing, similar, or the same values but still have various interpretations of those values. I thought about how we all view our own values so passionately that it has the ability to consume everything in our lives. Also, how life experiences shape everyone’s values and what they do with their life.

I am not trying to go down the rabbit hole with how there is an argument for everything type thing. There are an endless amount of simple and complex examples… I think it is something that I could keep waffling on about too because sometimes in my human nature I think I can be the judge and jury of values.

I think it’s about choosing to respect that no matter what or who we value most/least in our life. It is something that is continually evolving for everyone. The challenge seems to be adapting and accepting values for what they are and being at peace with the value of valuing others’ values.

The most important value in my life is my relationship with Jesus. It is the value that I rationalise every aspect of my life to reflect what Jesus would want. My hope and prayer with every value that I demonstrate in life, it gives God all the glory.

Love G x

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