The Adjustment #J8

Hi Everyone,

I hope this post finds you all well.

It is time to share another journal because a) it has a few months since I shared one and b) it is the reason I started this blog.

It will be short and sweet, mostly straight to the point of adjusting and adapting in life. Although, I wrote this journal 2 years ago on this day and yet I still relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed.

At the time my baby girl was 4 months old when I wrote it. I remember trying to adjust to having another baby whilst caring for my 2-year-old boy. In hindsight, it took time to adjust and navigate my new normal. It was the process of growing our family.

The feeling of ‘ being overwhelmed’ definitely comes in waves, today was a little rough and reality set in like being on placement full time. It is definitely an adjustment for myself and my family after being a stay-at-home mother for 5 years and studying part time.

I do feel like at times, I am being selfish with placement and experience guilt especially because my baby girl was unwell today. I think the next 4 months will be a challenging learning journey but it will be a rewarding one.

I am trusting God one day at a time and just knowing he will give me strength and peace through it all like he has done time and time again.

Whenever I feel what I feel, I know that it is so important for me to give it all to God. Right now, I need to go to bed, regroup and refresh for tomorrow as I have a big day ahead. All I know is I need God daily! I am grateful for the new adjustment in my life because it is a journey that I am beyond blessed to experience this opportunity in my life.

Hope all is well with everyone and hope to be back soon

Love G x


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