Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. I am okay, just stressed…

I want to share a follow-up post from my adjustment journal and to be honest with you all I was unsure about it because finances is a delicate topic. I have decided to share some stress in my life lately.

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(next month will definitely need to be a gratitude post)

I have been stressed out about a certain predicament regarding my home. Long story, short someone did not disclose something very important and now it is essentially my problem (well my lawyers actually they will now sort it out). The reality is it is now a lengthy and expensive process.

To give you context, some friends left us with over $25,000 worth of property damage according to our assessor. Although they did contribute $1,760 (to clean the house, fix a door lock, and fix a cracked/bent cupboard mirror.) None of the property damage was covered by insurance because we did not take a bond as our friends could not afford it at the time and we did not comply with a police report. To be honest, It was a disheartening experience that shocked us.

It has been challenging to manage my emotions because I also recently turned down $20,000 worth of wages to work close to home and be near my young family.

We also made $1000 worth of financial contributions recently to support some family members because I do not come from a wealthy family.

So it has just been stressful!

It’s funny because September is usually our fun and silly season of birthdays. As a family, we have 6 family members’ birthdays and 2 friends’ birthdays plus fathers day. So it is normally what consumes our finances every September each year except for this year.

My self-care plan has not been executed, my energy is low and eating my feelings in the process for comfort to cope has been the result of my stress. ( I am currently working on this unhealthy strategy )

Although, I am still thankful that years of working and making choices every day to continually save and not spend the money provided a safety net of savings to support our financial situations.
It is a reminder of God’s protection, his provision and his peace is with me throughout all the mess and stress!

I pray that sharing my stress and surrendering it to God will encourage you with stressors in life!

Love G x

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