Gratitude Post 7#

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well heading into 2023!

Happy New Year!

It is time for another practice gratefulness moment because let’s be honest, some days I struggled to align gratitude with my attitude which has definitely been a theme these past few months.

So, I thought it was time to get the camera out and highlight the moments of gratefulness to start the year on this blog!

1. These two little humans are the main stars of my camera roll, I am beyond grateful for these two little humans in my life who are gifts from God. Seriously, I always remember when they were a dream and now they are my reality! I am in awe of them daily and how they have adjusted these past 6 months with me returning to work.

2. This photo was taken before Church one Sunday morning and my son was checking to see if my little girl was okay because she was not feeling 100%. He is such a caring big brother to his baby sister and she is just rough as guts back to him. My son demonstrates such kindness and patience towards her, it inspires me to be better!

3. I also loved the fact my children were ready for Church and waiting to hop in the car. They both know the drill and I am always the last one to be ready. My daughter loves pretty frilly dresses that are super girly which is the opposite of my style or lack of fashion sense which makes me laugh!

4. As my plants grow in the background of my garden. I am so thankful for my husband Almond who takes care of the plants in our garden so they can flourish. It was reminder of how much he helps me with raising both our children especially since I have returned to work he has carried my load too.

5. Lastly, the fact my boy starts school this week and he is so ready to shine God’s light and love! He’s so excited and enthusiastic about this next season of life. I am so grateful to God who will guide us and so thankful for the blessings in my life!

I hope and pray this post encourages you all to do a similar thing in practising gratitude when it is so much easier said than actually done. I hope that it can be utilised as a simple tool of reflection to write or think about in life that brings you joy!

Love G x


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